Revolutionary Solution to Airborne Dust

The concept of ambient air filtration is nothing new, but previous attempts to fix the problem have failed to deliver cleaner air. The STRATUS was created with the goal of addressing the shortcomings of antiquated ceiling-mounted air cleaners.

The New Fix to an Old Problem

We didn’t want to make just another box with a furnace filter. We wanted to deliver a robust air-filtration system that was both elegant and effective, so we created the STRATUS, and delivered the perfect solution to airborne dust.

The New Standard in Ambient Air Filtration

The STRATUS was created with the goal of addressing the failures of old, ceiling-mounted air cleaners. It draws dust down and away from your nose and mouth, and propels clean, filtered air upward, where you breathe.

Unchained and Outside the Box

Old, ceiling-mounted box filters are obsolete. The STRATUS features nearly 15X more filter media than a ceiling-mounted unit, a wide base, 360º handle, and 16-foot power cord. With no chains to hold it back, the STRATUS is portable and rugged, so it’s always nearby, right where you need it.

Innovative Design

The STRATUS utilizes a high-capacity pleated canister filter with washable pre-filter to capture dust from the air. With the addition of an optional activated charcoal insert, it will eliminate smoke, fumes and odors. When it’s time to clean or replace your filters, the Twist-and-Lift design makes it easy and effortless to access them.


Stratus Pro air filter

PRETTY Amazing

Yeah, it looks stunning. And it works equally as well too. So many reasons to love STRATUS!


Drawing Dust Downward

Why pull the dust past your nose and mouth? The innovative STRATUS draws air downward and filters it before you breathe it, not after.

Twist and Lift

Accessing the STRATUS filter media for cleaning or replacement is a snap. Simply twist the handle slightly and lift the body from the base. No ladders required.

Powerful Fan

The STRATUS utilizes a unique turbine-style blower assembly which offers high CFM, yet exceptional static pressure to move air through even the dirtiest of filters.

Power button for STRATUS

Three Speeds

The STRATUS can easily adapt to varying dust levels. Simply touch the power switch to adjust blower speed.


Advanced Filtration

Dust? Smoke? Odors? STRATUS filter media can be configured to tackle nearly any job.


Radial Inlet

The STRATUS doesn’t have a bad side. The perimeter filter access allows the dust to enter from any direction.

Always by your side

Unlike traditional ambient air cleaners, the STRATUS is intended to remain mobile. Grab the handle and drag it to the dust.

360° Handle

The STRATUS likes to be where the action is. Grab it from any angle and drag it to the dust.

Closeup of STRATUS Filter

Long Filter Life

The STRATUS has nearly 16X the surface area of traditional filter media. You can expect long intervals between filter cleanings, or replacement.

Power cord for the STRATUS

Lengthy Power Cord

The 16’ (5M) power cord allows your STRATUS to be conveniently connected to power, likely without ever using an extension cord.

Filters for the STRATUS

3 Filters

The washable pre-filter catches the big stuff.

The 1-micron pleated canister filter grabs the small stuff.

Optional charcoal filter captures the stinky stuff.






The STRATUS is perfect for any wood shop. For best results, place the STRATUS near your source of dust.

automotive industry

Automotive Repair

Brake dust is dirty and unhealthy. The STRATUS will help keep your shop as clean and safe as possible.

CNC manufacturing

Additive Manufacturing

Struggling with odors and fumes created by 3D printing? The STRATUS can be configured with an activated charcoal filter.

Industrial manufacturing


Airborne dust from industrial cutting, grinding, and finishing presents serious issues in your shop. The STRATUS filters the dirty air before you breathe it.


Media Blasting

Abrasive blasting with synthetic media or sand can cause large amounts of airborne dust. Capture that dust with STRATUS.

laser manufacturing

Laser Engraving

Lasers create smoke and odors as they burn the surface of any substrate. Minimize odors and irritation with STRATUS.

home improvement

Drywall Finishing

Even with a vacuum attached to your sanding device, a lot of dust escapes into the air. The STRATUS can be easily moved so it’s close to your dust source.


Powder Coating

Airborne contaminates are easily recirculated causing defects in your finish. Use the STRATUS alongside your equipment’s filtering device for optimal results.


Construction & Remodeling

Airborne dust and debris are prevalent in any construction environment. Have a lot of dust? The STRATUS has three-speeds to meet your needs.